Material Estimation
The smart material estimation can accurately predict consumption of the raw material for each yarn to be used in a design, thus minimizing wastage. Besides, you don't have to wait for factory data to calculate silk percentage and know the cost of the custom rug.

Material Estimation generated using Galaincha software: It shows the carpet information such as the size and quality of carpet, and total weight of carpet based on your production environment, as well as coverage and wastage breakdown of each color.
For Manufacturers
Use your own factory color sets and codes, estimate consumption of each color yarn, thus minimizing wastage, easily manage and retrieve all your design and graphs in digital form.
For Designers
Convert concepts into presentable rug designs, instantly evaluate the design in different color combinations and see the end product with different weaving and finishing options before actually weaving.
For Retailers
Visually interact with customers to choose and customize the right rug, calculate silk percentage to estimate the price and send designs via email to the manufacturer for accurate production.
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